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Monday, May 17, 2010

Moving Right Along...

I thought I might introduce Black Soldier Flies into the Blog today for anyone who has not had the pleasure....

The BioPod and ProtoPod Systems are the ultimate missing link for a modern, sustainable environment. The BioGrubs make excellent poultry, fish, hog, and reptile feed, all made from ordinary household kitchen scraps! The resulting BioGrubs are....

And now, Back to the Fish and Veg & more great sites.....

"My inspiration for starting an aquaponics system came from reading a 1970's Mother Earth New's article about raising catfish in a barrel and feeding them with worms. I hope that you...."

 Now somewhere  to go to get FREE Literature About Aquaponics or just about anything else....

Solar power is being used in an increasing number of projects around the world. To the environmentally conscious, this technology has

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